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Getting Started

This package contains a library of singletons that is ready to be used in Unity.


Via Package Manager: This package can be installed in the Unity Package Manager using the following git URL.

Alternatively, you can download the latest release from the releases page and manually import the package into your project.

Basic Usage

The singleton classes are located inside the namespace Hibzz.Singletons and any of the Unity MonoBehaviors can be converted into a singleton using the following syntax.

using Hibzz.Singletons;

public class AIManager : Singleton<AIManager>
    public int LiveNPCCount;

Now this Singleton can be accessed using the Instance field.

int _currentNPCCount = AIManager.Instance.LiveNPCCount;
Debug.Log($"Number of Live NPC's in scene: {_currentNPCCount}");

Learn more about how to use the package here.